Products plant growth stimulatir Royal potafeed

Product Name:Royal potafeed

Product Description:Potassium thiosulfate + Boron + plant growth regulators
Characteristics of royal potafeed:
Royal potafeed contains barassinosteroids which improve the pollen formation in vegetable and fruits.
Royal potafeed enhances fruit quality in vegetable, fruits and field crops.
Royal potafeed increase the number and weight of grains in cereal crops.
Royal potafeed increases the sugar contents and the rate of sugar biosynthesis in vegetable and fruits.
Royal potafeed activates tuber formation in potato, sugar beat and carrot
Royal potafeed accelerates fruit repining especially in colored fruits.
Potassium oxide K2O    36.5%
Sulfur S    25%
Amino acids    5%
Boron    4%
Brassinosteroids    10 ppm



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