Products natural pesticides Egyxide

Product Name:Egyxide

Product Description:Water soluble natural oils.
Natural emulsified vegetable oils    10%
Glue          2%
Egyx characteristics:
Egyxide is a natural emulsified mixture of vegetable oils separate plant tissues from insect infection and prevent plant insect diseases.
Egyxide prevents plant diseases in summer and winter.
Egyxide is effective potassium soap clean plants and trees from dusts, insect eggs, and fungal spores.
Egyxide increases plant leaves viability and enhance photosynthesis.
Egyxide absorbs the UV harmful radiation and prevent fruits sun burn.
Egyxide mixing with insecticide improves their insecticidal efficiency.
Egyxide is highly efficient when mixed with low dosage of insecticide and reduces the protection costs.
Egyxide is environmentally friendly compound, safe, and effective.
Dosage & Uses:
Egyxide used for fruit trees, vegetable plants, ornamental plants, indoor plants, and outdoor plants as foliar application 5-10 ml/ Liter.
Egyxide effectively reduced insect and acarose population on plant leaves.



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