Products plant growth stimulatir Egyxamine Fe 7%

Product Name:Egyxamine Fe 7%

Product Description:chelated Iron + amino acids   liquid
Chelated iron                           7%
free amino acids                       8%
Egyxamine Fe Characteristics
Egyxamine Fe increases the rate of mitochondrial respiration and energy production.
Egyxamine Fe contains a natural chelated iron supplies fruit and vegetable plants with extremely high availability.
Egyxamine Fe contains a highly biologically active amino acids such as L- Methionine and L- Lysine.
Egyxamine Fe improves photosynthetic activity of all plant species.
Egyxamine Fe induces plant resistance against physical stresses such as heat, chilling, salinity and drought.
Egyxamine Fe improves nutrients utilization and increase fertilization efficiency.
Egyxamine Fe plays important role in chlorophyll biosynthesis in plants.
Egyxamine Fe contains a precursor of plant growth promoting hormones such as auxins.



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