Products plant growth stimulatir Egyxamine Mn 9%

Product Name:Egyxamine Mn 9%

Product Description:Natural Amino Acids+Liquid Chelated Manganese
Chelated Manganese                     9%
Free Amino Acids                      8%
Characteristics of Egyxamine Mn
Egyxamine Mn improves Respiratory activity and energy production in plant cells.
Egyxamine Mn supplies fruit and vegetable plants with manganese in an utilizable form.
Egyxamine Mn improves photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll biosynthesis.
Egyxamine Mn prevents manganese deficiency symptoms.
Egyxamine Mn contains a mixture of amino acids which promote plant growth and induce plant resistance against abiotic stress.
Egyxamine Mn induces the formation of plant growth promoting hormones.



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