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Product Name:Isogreen

Product Description:Liquid NPK+ micronutrient chelated on natural amino acids
Isogreen characteristics:
Isogreen is a liquid NPK fertilizer has a low EC and low pH.
Isogreen contains amino acid like tryptophan which acts as precursor of IAA.
Isogreen contains proline which acts as combatable solute and antistress agent.
Isogreen contains L- methionine which accelerates protein biosynthesis and improve plant vegetative and generative growth.
Isogreen contains a balanced ratio of macro and micro nutrients.
Isogreen used in fertigation and foliar applications for many plant species.
Isogreen increases the yield of vegetable such as tomato, cucumber and pepper.
Isogreen enhance potato tuber formation and improve the yield quality and quantity of fruits and field crops.
Packing: 25 Liter -5Liter - 1 Liter – 500 ml – 250 ml



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