Products natural pesticides NO ROT

Product Name:NO ROT

Product Description:

Characteristics  of NO ROT:

No Rot  is a natural fungicide works through an integrated group of natural compounds which prevent and control powdery mildew, dawny mildew, blights and soil born diseases.

No Rot   inhibits penetration of fungi into plant tissues.

No Rot   does not contain any toxic substances.

No Rot   induces plant resistance against fungal diseases.

No Rot  strengthens plant cellular walls and makes them more tolerant to fungal penetrations.

No Rot   activates the formation of leaves and stem hairs and increases their length to prevent fungal spore growth on the leaves or stem epidermis.

No Rot   prevents fungal rust in  wheat and rice plants.

No Rot   reduces the infection of solaneaceae crops with Alternaria blight especially in tomato and potato. 

No Rot   enhances plant resistance against powdery mildew and dawny mildew especially in vegetable plants and fruit trees.

No Rot  is an environment friend product does not contain any toxic substance to human, animals or plants.

No Rot  has no residue in plant tissues or fruits PHI= zero day.

No Rot  is recommended for plant protection and can be mixed with other natural fungicides in case of high level of disease incidence.

Dosage and application:

No Rot for foliar application with dilution of 2.5 ml/1 Liter of water.



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