Products natural pesticides Mite Green

Product Name:Mite Green

Product Description:Natural accarocide

p- ansialdhyde  48%
Garlic oil           10%
Capsicum oil    1%
surfactants     25%

Characteristics of Mite Green:

Mite Green is a natural accarocide a gainst acarose, mites and red spiders.
Mite Green   denaturates the proteins of spider eggs and whole animals.
Mite Green  works by contact.
Mite Green  is environmentally safe compounds.
Mite Green  has no toxic effect on human and animals.
Mite Green  destroys cutin and caused water loss from acarose and spider mites.

Dosage and application of Mite Green:

50 cm3 / 100 Liter water for foliar applications.



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