Products plant growth stimulatir Master Phose

Product Name:Master Phose

Product Description:High phosphorous and potassium liquid fertilizer and growth enhancer
4%    MgO        50%    P2O5
10%    Amino Acids  and growth stimulators   18%    K2O
Potassium polyphosphate & plant growth promoting foliar fertilizers
Physiological effects of Master feed on plants
Master phose is a high phosphate, potassium and magnesium liquid fertilizer in form of potassium magnesium poly phosphate used as nutrient and plant growth stimulator.
Master phose activates plant rooting, flowering and fruit setting.
Master phose supplies plants with high energy compounds which activate physiological processes in plants.
Master phose  contains a biologically active amino acids and combatable solutes which enhance the utilization of phosphorous, potassium and magnesium.
Master phose increases chlorophyll biosynthesis and improve the activity of photosynthetic enzymes.
Master phose improves the respiration processes and energy production which lead to acceleration of plant growth.
Master phose is an effective foliar fertilizer and can be used for fertigation.
Master phose induce plant resistance especially against wilt diseases.
Master phose increase potato yield through increment of tuber production and tuber filling with carbohydrate.



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