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Product Name:Sun Screen

Product Description:Sun screen fruit bags protection against sun burning and insects

Sun screen characteristics:
Sun screen: bags made of special polymer to protect the fruits from UV radiations responsible for burning the fruit.
Sun screen: has high transmission to visible light and photosynthetic active radiation necessary for fruit ripening and coloring.
Sun screen: increases the size of the fruits of pomegranate and improves the homogeneity of the colored.
Sun screen: protects the fruit from metrical and insect injury.
Sun screen: penetrates air and keeps the fruit ventilation rates.
Sun screen: allow spray solution to reach the fruits.
Sun screen: increases fruit quality specifications.
Sun screen: improves the ratio of good fruits for export.
Sun screen: protects fruits from insect injuries without the use of harmful chemical pesticides.
Sun screen: helps growers to produce pomegranate free of   pesticides.
Sun screen: easy to use and does not require many labor.
Sun screen:  ensure a bumper harvest of high quality.



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