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Product Name:Biocure

Product Description:Natural fungicide
Biocure is a curative and preventive natural fungicide.
Biocure is a highly active fungicide against powdery mildew, downy mildew, early blight, late blight, fruit rot.

Active ingredients:

Potassium metasilicate    52%
Flavenoids    10%
Natural polyphenols    10%

Fungicidal mode of action of Biocure:

Biocure is a natural fungicide that has a wide range of plant fungal pathogene.
Biocure contains a natural antifungal compounds able to inhibit fungal spore germination and fungal growth.
Biocure is able to protect many plant species against a wide range of plant fungal pathogens including Ascomycetes, Oomycetes, Duetromycetes, and Basidomycetes.
Biocure induce the biosynthesis of several plant pathogensis related proteins which inhibit the fungal penetration to plant tissues.
Biocure inhibits the fungal DNA agryase and rterminate fungal cell division.
Biocure stimulates lignin biosynthesis and increase plant cell wall strength.
Biocure increase the level of glucose in the plant tissues and prevent fungal infection.
Biocure has no toxic effect on plants, animal and human.
Biocure is environmentally safe compounds and can be used in organic farming protocols as well as in IPM programs.

Dosage and applications:

Foliar application 500 mL/ acer i.e 250 mL / 200 liter water for many plant and crops.



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