Products plant growth stimulatir Root Concept

Product Name:Root Concept

Product Description:Root  growth stimulator
Chelated Iron    1.3%    Boron    0.5 %
Chelated zinc    1 %    Free Amino acids    5 %
Chelated Manganese    1 %    Humic and Fulvic acid     10 %
Chelated Magnesium    1 %    Vitamines    0.05%
Plant growth promoters      0.05%       
Characteristics of root concept
Root Concept is a root growth stimulator contains complementary groups of micro- nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and growth promoters.
Root Concept activates root cell division and enhances root hair formation during 48 – 72 hours of root treatments.
Root Concept contains a high portion of amino acids which stimulate root growth.
Root Concept activates root growth through formation of endogenous indoles such as IAA.
Root Concept induces plant resistance against abiotic stresses such as cold, heat stress, salinity and drought.
Root  concept prevents the infection with soil born diseases and activates root growth after infection.
Root Concept increase the uptake and utilization of macro and micro nutrients.



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