Products plant growth stimulatir Alto green

Product Name:Alto green

Product Description:For plant greening
1.5%    Fe        11%    Nitrogen
1%    Mg        3.1%    P2O5
            10%    Humic & Folvic acids
Characteristics of Alto Green:
Alto Green is special fertilizer for chlorophyll biosynthesis in plants.
Alto Green activates root growth through its content of humic and fulvic acids.
Alto Green stimulates the growth of plant growth promoting bacteria in soils.
Alto Green improves  soil environment and increases the availability of nutrient in the rhizospher.
Alto Green activates photosynthesis through supplying plants with magnesium, nitrogen, iron, phosphate and humic acids.
Alto Green improves both generative and vegetative growth in all plant species.
Alto Green enhances plant growth especially under stress condition such as salinity, drought, heat stress and chilling stress.
Alto Green improves respiration processes through its contents of phosphates, magnesium and iron.



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