Products plant growth stimulatir Master feed

Product Name:Master feed

Product Description:Chelated Nutrients & Plant growth stimulators For Foliar application and Fertigation
1%    Boron        3.2%    Chelated Iron
10%    K2O        2.4%    Chelated Zinc
3%    Magnesium        1.8%    Chelated Manganese
10%    Free Amino Acids        1%    Chelated copper     
Other additives of sea weed and algae extracts, Humic acid and Falvic potassium salts.
Physiological effects of Master feed on plants
Master feed is a balanced macro and micronutrients chelated on humates in an absorbable form by roots and shoots.
Master feed contains sea weed and green blue alge extracts containing natural growth promoting compounds such as cytokinins and auxins.
Master feed stimulates shoot and root growth.
Master feed counteracts biotic and abiotic stress.
Master feed improves photosynthesis through its ability to improve chlorophyll biosynthesis and to activate photosynthetic enzymes.
Master feed enhance respiration and energy production processes.
Master feed supplies the plant with macro and micronutrient especially ander alkaline soil conditions.
Master feed activates buds formation, flowering and fruit setting.
Master feed improves fruit development and generative growth in fruit and vegetable plants.
Master feed increases fruit weight and fruit quality.



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