Products plant growth stimulatir Master CaB

Product Name:Master CaB

Product Description:Calcium Boron liquid fertilizer on  keto acids
22%    CaO
4%    Boron
10%    keto acids
Physiological effects of Master feed on plants
Master CaB is a liquid fertilizer enriched with calcium and boron in a form of keto acids.
Master CaB supplies all plants with energy compounds through metabolic changes of keto acids to acetyl co A and ATP.
Master CaB improve pollination and fruit setting and increase pollen production.
Master CaB counteracts the adverse effect of environmental stress conditions on the plants.
Master CaB improves the fruit formations during biotic and abiotic stress e.g. cold stress, heat stress, salinity and drought.
Master CaB increase the fruit hardness and shelf life especially in strawberry.
Master CaB increases the photosynthetic activity through the ability of keto acids to binds to CO2 and transfers it to chloroplast.
Master CaB is a absorbable calcium boron fertilizer and has a high utilization of calcium.
Master CaB contains a high percentage of Boron in form of calcium metaborate.
Master Cab leads to increase the pollen number on the stigmata of flowers in fruit and vegetable flowers.
Master caB induces plan: t resistance against fungal diseases especially in grapes, citrus, and Mango.
Master CaB prevents embryo death in many plant species especially in winter time.
Master CaB improves fruits development and yield quality.



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