Products fertilizers Concept K

Product Name:Concept K

Product Description:Liquid potassium and amino acids
Characteristics of Concept K:
Concept K improves fruits weight in all vegetable and trees such as grape, peach, apricot, pear, and citrus.
Concept K contains amino acids and increases fruit development and leads to early harvest time.
Concept K prevents parathinocarpic setting and improves fruit quality fertilization and seeds formation.
Concept K increases grain weight in cereals and increase yield quantity and quality.
Concept K increases tuber formation and increase the yield of sugar beat in increase prix.
Concept K increases sugar contents in fruits through the action of potassium and sulfur.
Concept K contains highly absorbable potassium by foliar application.
Concept K increase fruit pigmentation through activation of antigibrillines.
Concept K enhances carbohydrate transportation from leaves to grains and fruits.
Packing: 25 Liter -5Liter - 1 Liter – 500 ml – 250 ml



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