Products plant growth stimulatir Phospho Top

Product Name:Phospho Top

Product Description:Energy producer For flowering and fruit settings
4%    Boron        4.6%    Nitrogen
4%    Sulfur        24%    P2O5
            18%    K2O
NPK & plant growth promoting foliar fertilizers
Physiological effects of Master feed on plants
Phospho Top is a NPK foliar fertilizers enriched with phosphate and potassium in addition to natural  plant growth promoting compounds.
Phospho Top activates root growth, flowering, and fruit setting.
Phospho Top supplies the plant cells with high energy compounds which activates all the physiological process in plant cells.
Phospho Top contains amino acids, organic acids which maximize the utilization of phosphate, potassium and Boron.
Phospho Top improves respiration and energy production in plant tissues.
Phospho Top supplies plants with NPK and boron in available forms through fertigation or foliar application.
Phospho Top activates flowering and prevent parathenocarbic  setting through its content of NAA.
Phospho Top improves both vegetative and generative growth.
Phospho Top induces plant resistance against soil born diseases.
Phospho Top maximize carbohydrate transformation from photosynthetic cells to tubers and fruits.
Dosage and applications:
i)foliar fertilizers with concentration of 1.5-3 g/ Liter
ii)Root fertilization 2-4 Kg/ acer.



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