Products fertilizers Nutriland

Product Name:Nutriland

Product Description:Calcium Boron + Chelated micronutrient
Nutriland Characteristics:
Nutriland contains caqlcium, Boron and nitrogen in addition to micronutrients.
Nutriland plays an important role ni cell wall formation and increase cell wall strength.
Nutriland induce calcium pictate biosynthesis and improves fruit shelf life.
Nutriland is antistress agents and induce plant resistance against abiotic stress (heat stress, chilling, salinity and drought)
Nutriland improves fruit setting due to through integrated role of calcium and boron.
Nutriland protect plant against fungal diseases and fruit deformation.
Nutriland improves pollen formation and enhance fertilization and prevent flower fall and parathenocarpic fruit settings.
Packing: 5Liter - 1 Liter – 500 ml – 250 ml



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