Products plant growth stimulatir MORAL

Product Name:MORAL

Product Description:Micro Nutrients & Magnesium and plant growth stimulator
3 % 
3.4 %        Fe    
2.5 %        Mn    
0.6%        Mg    
Moral Characteristics:
Moral is a foliar fertilizer containing an integrated mixture of micronutrient , magnesium and plant growth promoters.
Moral prevents the appearance of deficiency symptoms of zinc, iron, manganese or magnesium in plants.
Moral contains micronutrient and Magnesium in a highly absorbable form through foliar applications.
Moral enhances chlorophyll biosynthesis and improves photosynthesis processes in vegetables, fruits and field crops.
Moral contains a natural compounds glycine betain which  counteracts the effects of  environmental stresses and biotic stress caused by fungal, insect and viral diseases.
Moral improves plant growth under stress condition such as salinity, drought, cold and heat stress.
Moral protects thylakoid membranes and improves photosynthetic  efficiency and yield quantity and quality.
Moral increases the yield of cereals and grains by 15% in case of application during branching and flowering.
Moral activates antioxidant enzymes and improves  plant performance under stress conditions.
Moral activates all physiological processes in plant cells and promotes vegetative and generative growth.



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