Products natural pesticides Temasterol

Product Name:Temasterol

Product Description:Natural Nematocide
Characteristics of Temasterol
Temasterol dystructs eggs and larva of all nematode species.
Temasterol hydrolyzes the chitin layer of nematode eggs and larva.
Temasterol inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis in nematode and prevents egg hatching.
Temasterol inhibits the nematode development in soil and plant roots.
Temasterol is very effective against all pathogenic nematode especially root knot nematode (Meladogina spp.).
Temasterol has a fungicidal effects against root rot fungi.
Temasterol stimulates root growth and enhances root hair formation.
Composition of Temasterol:
Chitinase    1,200,000 IU    Saponine Glycoside    12%
B 1,3 Glucanase    200,000 IU    Flavenoids    5 %
Cytokinines like compounds    200 ppm    Turmaric acid    5 %
Namatocidal mode of action of Temasterol:
1- Saponine inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis and prevents nematode egg hatchability and larva molting.
2- Turmaric acids is a nematocidal active compounds against 1st and 2nd generations of nematode larva.
3- Flavenoids prevent nematode penetrations into plant root tissues and induce plant resistance against nematode and fungi.
4- Chitinase and b 1,3 glucanase hydrolyze chitin and dystruct the cell wall of nematode egg and larva.
5- Cytokinine like compounds stimulate root growth and root hair formation.
Dosage and Application of Temasterol:
Temasterol is used through water of irrigation 5 liter/ 1 acer.
In case of higher level of nematode infection, Temasterol treatments has to be repeated after 10-15 days.
In condense cultivation such as vegetable and under green houses conditions), Temasterl used with water irrigation by 3-5 cm3/m2  



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