Products plant growth stimulatir Royal Grow

Product Name:Royal Grow

Product Description:Plant growth stimulator
Characteristics of Royal Grow:
Royal Grow is a natural plant growth stimulator containing  L amino acids works as precursor of plant growth promoting compounds such as auxines and cytokinines.
Royal Grow contains a high portion of essential amino acids ( L- methionine,    L- Glutamic, L-Lysine, L-Proline, L- Arginine).
Royal Grow increases the level of plant resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses eg. Heat stress, chilling stress, salinity stress, and drought.
Royal Grow contains Indoles which act as precursor of IAA and activate the root growth and prevent seedlings wilt.
Royal Grow helps seedling producers to produce homogenous seedlings with high root: shoot ratio.
Royal Grow increases the nutrient utilization and uptake.
Royal Grow is used during the critical stages of plant growth such as seedling transformation, flowering, fruit setting, after insect and fungal infection.
Royal Grow increases the rate of DNA replication and enhances the activities of many enzymes and hormones and increase the yield quantity and quality.
Royal Grow increases the cereal yields by 10% and increase the yield of vegetable by 15%.



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