Products natural pesticides Royal fly X

Product Name:Royal fly X

Product Description:Natural insecticide
Potassium Oxide (Potassium meta silicate).    10%
Natural  insecticidal compounds (Allicine, Diallyl trisulfide, Azedrichtine)    10%
Surfactant    2%
Royal fly x mode of action:
Royal fly X reduces the population of insects in leaves and fruits.
Royal fly X is a highly active natural insecticide against white fly (Bemisia Tabaci), aphides (Aphis pomi) and Acyrthosiphon pisum, fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaste) and red spider.
Royal fly X destructs cuticle of insects and caused insects dehydration which leads to their death.
Royal fly X contains a insecticidal active natural compounds able to kill insect and their eggs such as allicine, diallyl trisulfide and azedrichtine.
Royal fly X is a repellentfor many insectal pests
Royal fly X prevents insects to lay their eggs on the surface of plant leaves.
Royal fly X contains insects antifeedant compounds.
Royal fly X caused a mechanical distraction of insects and their eggs.
Royal fly X isolates plant tissues from insects.
Royal fly X has not  any toxic or harmful effects on human, animals and plants.
Royal fly X is recommended as natural insecticide in IPM programs.
Dosage and Uses:
For foliar treatment 2-5 ml/liter of water.



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