Products plant growth stimulatir Egyxamine Ca 9%

Product Name: Egyxamine Ca 9%

Product Description:Liquid Chelate Calcium + Boron + natural amino acids
 Chelated Calcium    9%
Boron                      2% 
Free amino acids   10%   
Characteristics of egyxamine Ca                                                   
Egyxamine Ca improves fruit formation and fruit quality.
Egyxamine Ca supplies fruit and vegetable plants with calcium and boron in an absorbable form.
Egyxamine Ca improves pollination and fertilization processes.
Egyxamine Ca prevents calcium deficiency symtoms.
Egyxamine Ca contains a mixture of amino acids which promote plant growth and induce plant resistance against abiotic stress.
Egyxamine Ca prevents flower and fruit fall.
Egyxamine Ca induce the formation of plant growth promoting hormones.
Egyxamine Ca contains a biologically active amino acids e.g. L- Methionine, L-Lysine, Proline and glycine.



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