Products plant growth stimulatir Egyxamine Zn 5%

Product Name: Egyxamine Zn 5%

Product Description:Natural Amino Acids+Liquid Chelated Zinc
Chelated Zinc                     5%
Free Amino Acids                  8%
Characteristics of egyxamine Zn
Egyxamine Zn promotes plant growth and increases the rate of cell division.
Egyxamine Zn Supplies vegetable plants and fruit trees with Zn in highly absorbable form.
Egyxamine Zn reduces zinc deficiency symptoms in all plant species.
Egyxamine Zn improves the fertility of Cucarbetaceae (increase the number of female flowers).
Egyxamine Zn induces the biosynthesis of antigibrillin.
Egyxamine Zn enhances the fertility of trees such as grape and pear.
Egyxamine Zn activates the plant growth through a biologically active amino acids such as L- Methionine, L-Lysine and Proline.
Egyxamine Zn enhances the plant resistance against environmental stresses such as salinity, chilling, heat and drought.
Egyxamine Zn promotes the biosynthesis of plant growth hormones.



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