Products natural pesticides Chitosol

Product Name:Chitosol

Product Description:Chitosol
The natural solution of nematode
Low molecular weight Chitosan        5%
Natural  Plant extracts                        15%         
Saponin glycosides                            50%

Chitosol mode of action:
Chitosol inhibits nematode eggs hatchability.
Chitosol inhibits nematode acetyl choline esterase and caused nematode paralysis.
Chitosol inhibits chitne synthase and prevent nematode molting.
Chitosol inhibits ATP-ase and disturbs active uptake through nematode cellular membranes.
Chitosol activates root hair formation.
Chitosol cures root rots.
Chitosol is a natural nematicide and can be used in organic farming.
Chitosol does not contain any toxic substances.

Dosage and Applications:
Chitosol is added to soil through water irrigation with dosage of 2.5-5 kg/ha according to the plant species and degree of nematode infection.



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