Products plant growth stimulatir Egyxamine Mg 7%

Product Name:Egyxamine Mg 7%

Product Description:liquid chelated Magnesium  + natural amino acids
5% Chelated Magnesium
Free Amino acids  8%
Egyxamine Mg increases the chlorophyll  and photosynthetic activity
Egyxamine Mg supplies the plants with magnesium in biologically active forms.
Egyxamine Mg prevents magnesium deficiency symptoms in fruit plants, vegetable and ornamental plants.
Egyxamine Mg contains a chelate magnesium in a form bounded to highly active amino acids such as L- glutamic acid and glycine.
Egyxamine Mg induces plant tolerance against environmental stress conditions such as salinity, chilling, and heat stress.
Egyxamine Mg improves the nutrient uptake and utilization especially nitrogen, phosphate and iron
Egyxamine Mg plays an important role in energy metabolism and biosynthesis of energy enriched compounds such as ATP.



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