Products natural pesticides Royal Furan

Product Name:Royal Furan

Product Description:Natural Nematicide & Fungicide
Characteristics of Royal Furan:
Royal Furan is an extremely effective natural nematicide against turf nematodes.
Royal Furan is does not contain any toxic substances to human, animals and plants.
Royal Furan is relatively lower toxicity and can be handled easily.
Royal Furan works by contact to nematode whereas it destructs cutin layer and leds to lossing their function in respiration and maintaining of water.
Royal Furan is a water soluble nematicide and can be used through irrigation.
Royal Furan is effective against all plant-parasitic nematode especially root knot nematodes.
Royal Furan is as effective as existing nematicides yet is not phytotoxic and stimulates the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil.
Royal Furan controls root rot and inhibits soil born pathogenes such as fusarium, rhizoctenia, and pethium.
Royal Furan a healthy root system resulting in improved nutrient and water uptake.
Dosage and Applications:
1.Fruit trees (Grape – peach – pomegranate – citrus ….. etc.):
Use Royal Furan 5 L/ feddan and repeated 2-3 times after 21 days
2.Vegetable ( Tomato – cucumber – melon – egg plants – Pepper …..etc)
Use Royal Furan 10 L/ feddan and repeated 2-3 times after 21 days
3.Field cropes ( Wheat – chick pea = beans ……………………..etc.)
Use Royal Furan 7 L/ feddan and repeated 2-3 times after 21 days.
Royal Furan was used through drip irrigation system or by spraying root zone with dilution 1:100 before start irrigation.



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