Products plant growth stimulatir Egyxamine Micro-Mix 9%

Product Name:Egyxamine Micro-Mix 9%

Product Description:chelated micronutrients + Natural free amino Acids
1.5%    Chelated Iron
1%    Chelated Zinc
1%    Chelated Manganese
0.02%    Molybdenum
0.05%    Boron
1%    Chelated Magnesium
8%    Free Amino Acids
Egyxamine MICRO – Mix Characteristics
Egyxamine Micro – Mix is a balanced mixture of chelated micronutrients.
 Egyxamine Micro – Mix is a completely soluble and can be absorbed by plant roots and shoots.
Egyxamine Micro – Mix improves the flowering and fruit settings in vegetable and fruits.
Egyxamine Micro – Mix induces the plant resistance against environmental stress conditions.
Egyxamine Micro – Mix contains a plant growth stimulating amino acids such as L- methionine, L- Lysine, and L- Glutamic acid.
Egyxamine Micro – Mix promotes the biosynthesis of plant growth hormones like IAA and cytokinines



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