Products plant growth stimulatir Pro-Mag

Product Name:Pro-Mag

Product Description:For ideal Vegetative growth
6%    Fe
7%    Mg
12.65%    Sulfur
For foliar application and root fertigation
Pro Mag Characteristics
Pro-Mag is a specific fertilizer containing iron and magnesium in highly absorbed form through foliar application or fertigation.
Pro-Mag contains biological compounds in addition to iron and magnesium activates vegetative growth.
Pro-Mag improves chlorophyll biosynthesis in fruits, vegetables, field crops, ornamental plants and landscapes.
Pro-Mag increases chlorophyll biosynthesis chloroplasts in plant photosynthetic cells.
Pro-Mag improves respiration and energy production in mitochondria of plant cells.
Pro-Mag increase the yield of C4 plants like maize and C3 plants like wheat through its ability to enhance CO2 assimilation.
Pro-Mag increase the tuber weights of potato and increases the yield of sugar beet.
Pro-Mag induces grape resistance to black stem disease.
Pro-Mag inhibits soil born disease development through its ability to inhibit pectinase enzyme activity.
Pro-Mag  promotes plant growth under abiotic stress conditions like salinity, high temperature,  cold and drought.
Pro-Mag activates antioxidant enzymes which enhance plant resistance against fungal diseases.
Pro-Mag accelaerate carbohydrate and sugar formation in grape, sugar beat.



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