Products plant growth stimulatir Concept A - Z

Product Name:Concept A - Z

Product Description:Integration of Plant Nutrition
0.03%    Mo    1.5%    Fe
1.9%    Mg    1%    Zn
5%    Amino acids    1%    Mn
Characteristics of concept AZ:
Concept AZ is a special macro and a micro nutrients foliar fertilizer depends on integration of nutrients in fruits and vegetable nutrition.
Concept AZ is completely soluble foliar fertilizer and highly uptake by shoots and roots.
Concept AZ improves vegetative and generative growth in all vegetables, fruits, field crops, and ornamental plants.
Concept AZ induces plant resistance against environmentally unsuitable conditions.
Concept AZ contains plant growth promoting amino acids such as methionine and lysine.
Concept AZ   promotes the biosynthesis of natural plant stimulator such as IAA and cytokinines.



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