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about us

Royal for agriculture development is a leading Egyptian manufacturer of natural pesticides , plant growth stimulators and fertilizers .
Since the establishment of Royal in 2006, we have been engaged with scientific researches and technology cooperation with international agriculture institutes to deliver innovative and practical crops protection solutions.
Our R&D team consists of PhDs and highly qualified agriculture engineers in the fields of natural pesticides and plant disease control. They have been dedicated to provide environmental friendly products that helped our producers and growers to increase field quantities , improve quality and induce plant tolerance against infection of plant pathogens and biotic stress of salinity,heat ,drought etc .
Royal products are covering Egypt , Africa and Arab countries through a large network of authorized distributors and wholesalers and our products have proven to be the best choice for growers who are concerned about producing healthy crops free of pesticides residus.
We are very proud of our customers satisfaction and we are obliged  to maintain our credibility and abide with our principle of producing environmental friendly products