Products fertilizers Royal Mangafed

Product Name:Royal Mangafed

Product Description: Composition:
15% Mn-EDTA & Amino Acids

Characteristics of Royal Mangafed:

Royal Mangafed contains a highly active Mn-EDTA
Royal Mangafed activates CO2 Fixation in all plant species.
Royal Mangafed increases chlorophyll synthesis in chloroplasts.
Royal Mangafed enhances photosynthesis efficiency.
Royal Mangafed increases nitrogen fertilizers utilization in vegetables, fruits and field crops.
Royal Mangafed increases oil biosynthesis in oil crops such as check pea, sesame, soya beans and olive.
Royal Mangafed induces formation of antioxidants in plant cells such as ascorbic acids, Riboflavenes, carotens and some amino acids.
Royal Mangafed treatments leads to disappearance of Mn deficiency symptoms in all plant species.
Royal Mangafed induces plant resistance against abiotic stress such as heat stress, cold stress, and salinity stress.
Royal Mangafed is stable in pH 3-10 and can be used in fertigation.
Royal Mangafed is recommended in organic farming as well as conventional plant production.
Royal Mangafed can be mixed with most of other fertilizers and pesticides.

Dosage and applications:

Royal Mangafed is used for all plant species with a dosage of 1g/liter water.

 5 Kg – 1 Kg -500 g -250 g -100 g.



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